Medical education has always been a popular decision for students in India. Be that as it may, with restricted seats in Indian medical universities and the significant expense of private education, many students are seeking alternative choices to seek after their dream of becoming a doctor. Bangladesh has arisen as a popular destination for Indian students seeking admission to MBBS courses. In this article, we will investigate the MBBS admission process in Bangladesh for Indian students.

Qualification Criteria:

To be qualified for admission to a MBBS course in Bangladesh, Indian students probably finished 10+2 or equivalent with Physical science, Science, and Science as mandatory subjects. Students ought to have also scored a minimum of 60% aggregate marks in these subjects. In addition, students probably finished the age of 17 years prior to December 31 of the year of admission.

Entrance Examination:

The admission cycle for MBBS courses in Bangladesh involves a typical entrance examination known as the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Chamber (BMDC) test. This exam is led in English and covers topics like Physical science, Science, Science, and General Information. The exam is led in numerous decision format, and students should score a minimum of 40% to be qualified for admission.

Application Cycle:

Indian students seeking admission to MBBS courses in Bangladesh should apply through the Bangladesh Embassy in India or the Bangladesh High Commission in New Delhi. Students can also apply online through the official site of the Bangladesh Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Along with the application form, students should present a duplicate of their 10+2 mark sheet, BMDC test scorecard, passport, and visa application.

Admission Methodology:

After submitting the application form, students should appear for an interview directed by the admission board of trustees of the individual medical school. The board of trustees evaluates the academic record, entrance exam scores, and overall performance of the understudy during the interview. When the understudy has been chosen for admission, they should present the necessary archives and pay the admission charge. Get more info MBBS Admission in Bangladesh for Indian Students

Duration and Cost of the Course:

The duration of the MBBS course in Bangladesh is five years, trailed by a one-year internship. The total expense of the course ranges from INR 20-30 lakhs, including educational expenses, accommodation, and different costs.

Advantages of Studying MBBS in Bangladesh:

Studying MBBS in Bangladesh has several advantages for Indian students. First and foremost, the expense of education is a lot of lower compared to private medical schools in India. Besides, the quality of education is on par with international standards, with the educational plan being intended to meet the necessities of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Medical Gathering of India (MCI). Thirdly, the vehicle of instruction is English, making it easier for Indian students to understand and communicate with their teachers and friends. Finally, the cultural and geographical closeness of Bangladesh to India makes it easier for Indian students to adapt to the new climate.


All in all, MBBS admission in Bangladesh offers a great chance for Indian students to seek after their dream of becoming a doctor. With a basic admission process, affordable education, and great teaching standards, Bangladesh has arisen as a popular destination for Indian students seeking admission to MBBS courses. Notwithstanding, students should guarantee that they meet the qualification criteria, prepare well for the entrance exam, and complete the admission cycle on opportunity to get a seat in their preferred medical school.