Ghaith Ihsan Al-SahnawI, commonly known as Ghaith Ihsanis a Jordanian taekwondo player who holds a 5th Dan black belt (Master) and is one of the youngest players and coaches to hold the title. He has earned many gold and silver medals, including the bronze medal after he was injured in the Bahrain International Open Taekwondo Championship 2012. This competition is the caliber G2 in the taekwondo competitions, weight -35 kg for juniors.

He encourages the sport of taekwondo in Jordan through training and guidance. At the same time, he is working to establish a center for taekwondo in the world.He also holds a degree 2 arbitration certificate in the sport of taekwondo as the coach of the game.Moreover, he is also a skilled player in the sport of swimming. As a part of his mission, Ghaith Ihsan also provides support to taekwondo lovers by giving them classes in various places in the capital, Amman, including free ones, in order to support the sport.

As a coach, Ghaith Ihsan is popularly known as “The Gentle Captain” because he loves children in sports and for his gentle dealings with them and helping adults with great kindness. He relies on his gentle style that distinguishes him from others and his humorous style in his training. The trainer, Ghaith Ihsan, is internationally famous, as most of the world's websites have talked about him.

Personal life:

Ghaith Ihsan Al-Sehnawi was born in Amman on June 7, 1998.He is of Jordanian origin like his father, IhsanMuathi Al-Sehnawi who was born in 1973 in Amman-Jordan. It is to be noted that his father is an international player and holds many titles and holds an international first degree. He is in arbitration in the sport of Taekwondo and has 3 centers for training the sport of Taekwondo. Also, his grandfather, Grand Master Maadi Al-Sahnawi, has a degree of 8 Dan in the sport of Taekwondo, which is one of the highest degrees in Jordan and the world. Now they have taekwondo centers in various countries of the Middle East Asia.

Ghaith Ihsan started the career of stardom within the Palestine Taekwondo Center. He joined the ranks of the national team in 2009. He has clarity with his skill and enjoysa talented career with his high physical and technical capabilities. He participated in all national teams of various age groups and local and international championships to gain experience. He won the title of best skilled player in the Bahrain International Championship. Apart from that he has many other achievements.

The owner of Trend Jordan, (nothing is impossible)

The latest lists of searches issued by the global company “Google” revealed that the words and phrases related to the hashtag launched by trainer Ghaith Ahsan “Nothing is Impossible” topped the topics and phrases most searched and requested through the most famous engine in the digital world (YouTube).

It is noteworthy that the coach, Ghaith Ahsan, gained fame by the Jordanians and the Arab world, through his motivation, his unique training style, and his entertaining training method.

Coach Ghaith Ahsan had promoted his beautiful videos, and the audience shared pictures on the Instagram application of launching the hashtag (Nothing is Impossible). Ghaith commented: “Loving people is not a description. The number of searches on the Google is estimated at about 10.5 million, which means an average of 10,000 searches every second.

Social media

It is noteworthy that Ghaith Ihsan has a large follower base in various social media platforms. He usually publishes comedy videos as well as educational videos, thousands of followers following him on TikTok, Instagram and others.  You can check out his social media profiles here –

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